Welcome to Valentia Holdings

An Irish family owned investment vehicle. We are looking for opportunities where we can add value and solve problems.

What We Do

We are a boutique investment firm always looking for interesting opportunities in the areas of food manufacturing, scaling of FMCG businesses and the onshoring of imported goods for carbon benefits .
Do you need help with bringing a new concept to market? improving what you are already doing ? Looking to super charge your business with an active investor? or seeking to exit as profitably as possible?
Then get in touch.

Our Team

We have a team of seasoned industry professionals available to deal with (almost) any situation.
Specialists dealing with Finance, Growth, Industry Consolidations, Lean Manufacturing, HR, Marketing and Legal Matters.
We have seen all the issues and found the solutions.

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Need help, contact us and let us help you not just suceed but thrive.